25 thoughts on “2009 Z-Ro & Billy Cook, Round Here..New

  1. so u saying north carolina is real hip hop? petey pablo….cmon, cmon dawg….and who else? any response u have is sure to make me laugh…naw wait yall got missy elloit…oh wait thas VA, hmm uhm are u gonna classify urself as east coast or down south…yall know confused up there, dont know what ya wanna be…country or city? but this about hip hop, so uhhhh yea, im gonna with go with North caro is garbage for $200 alex

  2. bro u are so fukin annoying, if u tlkin about texas is garbage why u here? im from the midwest, chicago and i like texas shit better than carolina shit. the south and the midwest will fuk up all others bro

  3. Still on Texas nuts huh you fuckin internet thug,because of you i droped 2 North Carolina fools in my hometown,you fucked it up for your homeboys,When your in EAST HOUSTON let me know so we can throw fists.Fuck the talk bitch.

  4. If you want real hip hop listen to music made by 9th Wonder and Little Brother, real hip hop. Justice league that works with the likes of Jean Grae, Murs, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Termanology, Nas, AZ, Immortal Technique, Papoose, Saigon. Fuck this Texas gangsta bubble gum rap.

  5. you a fake nigga claimin u from carolina ridin Houston nuts. South Carolina is hick as fuck and all yall do is ride NC and GA nuts cuz you got no swag or status of your own. North Carolina is the only real Carolina, and Texas niggas dont know what real hip hop is. Z-Ro is not real hip hop. Just cuz you talk gangsta shit dont make you real hip hop dumb ass country geechie shrimp boat charleston nigga.

  6. This Carolina Fool thinks mighty of him self huh,Well Fuck you and your state,fuck your weaks ass hip hop/rap,bunch of bitchs by my book and what!TEXAS MADE

  7. fuck north carolina niggaz dey dont kno shit bout texas rappers z-ro is dat nigga, and i from chuck town. SOUTH CAROLINA BITCHES. SHOUT OUT TO ALL HOUSTON NIGGAZ

  8. nigga u crazy as fuck we r the only realest people in the mother fucking game everyone else r fucking radio rappers fucker every one else its H-town for life
    rip Dj screw the king of the south

  9. Fuck North Carolina they rap sucks a big fat dick down there. i forgot they were even on the map thats how much u hear abouth them. so quit hatin on texas hoes all yall from North Carolina can eat a dick

  10. fuck all that shit nigga if come to the H Rap A Lot got something for that ass niggas on this hoe lip talking

  11. North Carolina never did shit for nothin…its always just around.
    fuck is in NC?….how many sports championships?..how many world cities?…how many actual legendary rappers?..how many nationally known record labels?…shit whats the population?…bet the population is the size of San Antonio hahahaha

  12. Dude I hate To tell you all them rappers you named are mid 90’s and you are hating on us for it….you just need to stop talking….your bad at it , and arrested development sucks “i challenge you to a gamr of horseshoes!, a game of horseshoes?” what the fuck is that shit

  13. if u did ur research u would knoe everybody is cutting their braids…..and if u was from texas u would know we ROCK all kind of different fades

  14. Internet gangstas are hilarious….y’all actually talkin about the civil war and all dat…haha some dude even said texas ain’t in the south…look at the location genius and we say we don’t claim we just tha south listen to our music we shout out to Louisanna, Atl, alabama, Florida, and all of them Screw used to kick it in all these cities when he was livin do yo research boi…and oh yea Carolina c’mon you tryin to say texas ain’t the south….we let yall get away wit it cuz yall sound like us

  15. yo im up in Ottawa the capital of Canada and Texas has made it’s sound heard in my house and my whip. RESPECT for my texas bredrins

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