Al-D ft SPM, K-Rino, SUC – Never Forget (dedicated to DJ Screw)


[Regular Speed] ft South Park Mexican, K-Rino, C-Note & Will-Lean of the Botany Boys and Shorty Mac.jewzshoez

25 thoughts on “Al-D ft SPM, K-Rino, SUC – Never Forget (dedicated to DJ Screw)

  1. I miss Screw the man. I’ll never forget sittin in woodroom passin out on
    his couch. screw never met my kids cause they was born later but I make
    sure they know who he was and everything he told me I live my life to his
    standards. I love u “lil earl” n u know ill never forget ya. Official S.U.C
    right here and imma rep my click 4 life?

  2. k-rino has the best verse

    How come Z-Ro never came on the track though, Al-D mentioned him and I
    heard him in the background, but not in the song??

  3. No one can compare to k, but screw created a new genre of music. Who else
    can claim that. Denver Harbor loves Screw too…?

  4. Man hearing this and seeing Screw’s Picture and thinking of everything he
    stood for makes me really mourn and respect a fallen soldier….screwlove…

  5. We shouldn’t have to wait for the king to pass away to join all of Tx
    together. I like this song, but it’s a shame how we can’t get it together,
    but then again…It’s Houston.

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