DJ Screw – Can’t Fade It 2000 [CD 1 & 2]


Can’t Fade It 2000 [CD 1 & 2] (Cripple Jr’s personal tape) CD 1: 1.Ice Cube – Gutter Shit 2.Cripple Jr. & DJ Screw – City Under Siege (Shout Outs) 3.E.S.G. – City Under Siege 4.Mack 10 – Moneys…jewzshoez

6 thoughts on “DJ Screw – Can’t Fade It 2000 [CD 1 & 2]

  1. Screw’s hands was like he wanted to put that City Under Siege. Cripple Jr.
    and Screw was talking some real ass shit and yes Screw talks about the one
    and only Screwed Up Records and Tapes
    Screw was like “Southside of H-town nigga, Houston TX
    Screwed up Records and Tapes Separatin da Real from da Fake knomsayinn”?

  2. My boy cripple Jr. I remember last time seein him we smoked at da screw
    shop. Playas choppin game?

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