DJ Screw – Flow Session


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26 thoughts on “DJ Screw – Flow Session

  1. Famous/Lil Ken, Liveola, Mark Gaboda was all probably still in school when this shit was made my nigga…respect the originators.

  2. I love SA but im not really sure of any SA rappers besides Liveola , but thats crazy if youve never heard of him cuz hes prob the best from SA.

  3. AYE DOGS, i can’t stand this texas hating on texas. we all from that lonestar state, represent it proudly, we got our own back.

  4. “Famous”…get ur Texas rap knowledge up homey. Oh and dont forget Question and Liveola. U fools always sleeping on SA Town lol. And u give d-town cred? for what? Stanky leg? Rackdaddy? ROFL!!!

  5. lol ya . im lost here . please name atleast one SA TX rapper seriously .. i mean ill give dallas credit , but are you serious ?

  6. nobody said hawk was freestlying. the majority of those verses were obviously not freestyled. its a flow session, just shut up an enjoy the music. these guys are fucking legends take your hating else where you goon

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