DJ Screw- Freshest MC Instrumental


DJ Screw – Chapter 74 – Mash For My Dream 1998 Side A 1. Whodini – Friends (Freestyle w/ Mike D, Clay Doe, Hawk, & J.R.) 2. Busta Rhymes – Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See …jewzshoez

6 thoughts on “DJ Screw- Freshest MC Instrumental

  1. First off I’m not lyin’, u boyz keep tryin’, to get in where ya’ fit in,
    but you’ll only be denied in….I live it like I sin it, go for the throat,
    its the only way to win it. Me & your crew like water mixed with oil, u
    broke cause u don’t toil, & datz why ya’ milk is spoiled, I’ll murk u &
    your boyz, I got 2 many toyz, when u out stealin’, I pull into ur driveway
    & then into yo bitch, cause I’m her top choice. She says I’m fly like
    K-rino, & ur like a reject from da’ Voice.?

  2. @laurenflower7 its on the cd version of june 27th with 2 CDs. its not on
    the version with 3 CDs…I think

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