DJ Screw – In Yo’ Ear 1995 [CD 1 & 2]


DJ Screw – In Yo’ Ear 1995 CD 1: 1.DJ Screw, Ron-O, Lil’ Randy, King, & Big Lenny – Hurricane (Shout Outs) 2.DJ Screw – Hurricane (Screw On Tables) 3.The Click – Hurricane 4.The Click – Hurricane…jewzshoez

8 thoughts on “DJ Screw – In Yo’ Ear 1995 [CD 1 & 2]

  1. I know you got your favorite Screw In Yo’ Ear, so hit that shop & get all
    your favorite grays that are out on chapters.
    Screwed Up Records & Tapes
    3538 W. Fuqua St. 77045 Houston, Texas.
    Keep your Screws in a safe place cuzzin’…?

  2. Preciate all your uploads big chief! Keep them coming, so I can keep
    reminiscing about the good ol days?

  3. I wish someone would make a movie about his life. Someone who knows his
    personally like lil keke. Or a movie about Lil Keke the golden child. Go
    see them, still living members of SUC, in concert when you can. Pay them
    like they weigh which is heavy in our hearts and minds. Peace SUC for life!
    I’m out. ?

  4. Damn I forgot about that one, had that on grey, I think I paid 20 or 25 for
    that one. I remember my deck ate it up, I to fix that hoe! ?

  5. As you can think about, you have or had very few DJ’s can kick a flow, da
    only nigga I could think of is Warren G?

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