DJ SCREW live on the turntables | R.I.P.


more info: http Segment from the Soldiers United 4 Cash Documentary by REL Entertainment, LLC This segment features DJ Screw doing what he did best and showing the world his true talent…. …”Often Immitated, Never Duplicated” “There is only 1 DJ Screw” Rest In Peace Robert Davis, Jr. DJ Screw Buy authentic DJ Screw CD’s straight from Screwed Up Records Visit Screwed Up Records & Tapes on 7717 Cullen Blvd. • Houston, TX 77051 (713) 731-0747 ©2007 REL …jewzshoez

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25 thoughts on “DJ SCREW live on the turntables | R.I.P.

  1. That boy screw did wonders in the south for the undaground mayn. Thanks for your craft and hard work screw. U help me get thru some tuff times bro. SUC 4 Life!

  2. its various stories out on how he died but ultimately it was determined he died from a codeine overdose but a lot of people don’t know is that screw had a bad heart. at one show it was reported he suffered a seizure…and it was also a word that he would catch them on occasion when he had little sleep, weed, and some lean…he worked real hard and didnt get much sleep, u can say the man worked himself to death trying to help out too many people who didn’t care about his well being

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