DJ Screw – No Love 1995 [CD 1 & 2]


No Love 1995 [CD 1 & 2] (Poppy’s personal tape, Poppy & 380-D dissing the Northside) CD 1: 1.DJ Screw, 380-D, & Poppy – Shooting Slugs (Skit) 2.Geto Boys – No Nuts, No Glory 3.WC – You Don’t…jewzshoez

10 thoughts on “DJ Screw – No Love 1995 [CD 1 & 2]

  1. Like I said before, fuck with the real deal. For y’all hating ass niggas,
    bitch ass niggas stealing other niggas Screws, you mark ass hoes don’t get
    NO L-O-V-E. Y’all want the real? Fuck with the REAL Screw Shop.
    Screwed Up Records & Tapes
    3538 West Fuqua St.
    Houston, TX. 77045?

  2. Always getting some crazy beats outta screw on the end of these tapes
    I bet screw had wax for days?

  3. Da intro to this screw tape was a dis to Michael Watts from swisha house
    which was based on the northside of Houston… Watts seen how popular DJ
    Screw had got off his tapes and then ripped off da style and wus selling
    janky screw tapes in bazaars on da southside which were Screw is from…?

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