DJ Screw – R.I.P Tee-Lee (Side B)


R.I.P Tee-Lee 1997 (Tape) Side B 1. E.S.G. – R.I.P 2. 2Pac ft Outlawz,C-Bo,Storm – Tradin’ War Stories 3. MC Eiht – Straight Up Menace 4. 2Pac – Old School 5. 2Pac ft. Dramacydal, Prince…jewzshoez

16 thoughts on “DJ Screw – R.I.P Tee-Lee (Side B)

  1. I like Straight up Menace, I wished Screw could had put out an instrumental
    version where he could had wreck it on the turntables

  2. This shit brangs back so many memories.. i was bout 13 when i started
    jammin the screw tapes. I remember like it was yesterday riding around
    Longview 4deep n the cutlass

  3. thank you for this tape 2pac and screw old school just turned into my
    favorite song on this tape !

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