Dougie D talks about Zro and Trae Tha Truth JmacTv


Dougie D interview out in the streets of Austin Tx. He talks about his upcoming projects what he’s been working on and his relationship with Zro and Trae Tha Truth. Must see interview on JmacTv….jewzshoez

5 thoughts on “Dougie D talks about Zro and Trae Tha Truth JmacTv

  1. u can tell when dougie gets asked bout ro or when ro gets asked bout
    dougie…they pause..n stumble alil they miss each other n a
    way…dam shame..and goes for trae..i remember goin n buying the 3d2 albums
    year of tha underdawgs. rise..s.l.a.b..cds back when they had selective
    sounds..beefin for so long for pitty shit..SMH..they grown ass men..bring
    back guerilla maab..bring htown back..cuz right now htown is lost..been
    that way for it for the people..?

  2. Dougie D did out shine Trae & Z-Ro on certain tracks. Much respect to
    DougieD, if only we could get the old Guerilla Maab back.?

  3. Glad to see Dougie’s still ambitious, I wonder where I can hit him up cause
    I can’t find his new material anywhere he only got 1 video on his Youtube

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