Herschelwood Hardheadz – Highway


Track 6 – Highway Album – A Million Dollars Later This Is Of A CD Of Mine N This Hoe Is At Real As Real Gets Fo Real!.Hope You Enjoy N Drop A Comment! Named In Honor Of The Street They…jewzshoez

24 thoughts on “Herschelwood Hardheadz – Highway

  1. This that real 3rd Coast southside music only in Houston. Niggas from the
    southeast of Houston don’t claim partial because that shit dumb, we claim
    the whole southside of Houston and boyz better get wit it.?

  2. Dallas Niggaz hit tha highway, I stole dis CD in 98 from my big brothers,
    once I heard it I had to have it. South dallas stand up 44 Oakland blk all
    day everyday ?

  3. @paperplatesonmyjag, weak ass nigga shut ya fuckin mouth who the fuck
    solicited your opinion? Kill ya self hoe!!!

  4. This album was my shit. I was bumping this when it dropped in Indiana. Boys
    weren’t ready then and they still ain’t. They were bumping “Southside” @
    the rink and boys still weren’t hip to Keke. Proud to say I lived in the H.
    Lord Willing I’ll make it back. Cats ain’t ready for the Southwest.
    Oklahoma Boy 4 Life

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