I’d Rather Bang Screw (Screwed and Chopped)


I’d Rather Bang Screw (Screwed and Chopped) H.A.W.K & Big Cease & Kyle Lee.jewzshoez

25 thoughts on “I’d Rather Bang Screw (Screwed and Chopped)

  1. Y’all can keep all that Drake shit I’d rather bang screw. Atx representa, H
    Town hold it down till I D I E.

    RIP Dj Screw. ?

  2. Big up 3rd ward, screw music and This is it restaurent….those smothered
    turkey wings with greens on the side always fill me good when im in htown.?

  3. 39 folks must’ve hit the wronG button……..I’d rather banG Screw when I’m
    on the block ridin thru my hood………….I’m reppin 731 Tennakey and we
    ain’t ever slept on Screwston music. Miss joints like this thouGh. Takes me
    back to a better time.?

  4. Houston Tex where we blow king size joints into the Texas air of the
    highest grade DANK, we don’t need dispensaries or the laws to tell us we
    can smoke cuz we SMOKE ANYWAY?

  5. 216 cleveland land of the double glock u bet we bangin’ screw and s-p-mex
    much respect to screwston and the rest of texico.?

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