25 thoughts on “Jason Aldean – She’s Country ft Finesse (Rap Rexix)

  1. @Julia – You best learn to appreciate remixes, covers and mash-ups.
    Guaranteed one of your favorite country songs was originally done by
    someone else, who might not even have been country. It’s the way of the
    world darlin’, deal with it. Great mash up.

  2. This is fucking stupid… Who ever had the dumb ass idea to ruin “She’s
    Country” deserves to die and go to hell.. This pisses me off.. People make
    fun of me for liking country then they try to change it.. Fuck this shit.

  3. pokemonfanman1 i agree man this is fucking gay and i get made fun of for
    listening to it but hey thats who i am and love this music

  4. I love this song, it’s badass!! But lets be real, this aint real country. I
    still like Brantley better. Jason’s just getting too newish to me. He aint
    like he used to be, that’s for sure. Don’t get me wrong now, I still love

  5. This really upsets me im a huge aldean fan and fuckin hate that piece of
    shit colt ford and this sounds exactly like that dush. This is country not
    fucking rap. FIGURE IT OUT MAN! Your song says shes country not rap!

  6. if there are any REAL country girls that like to down some jack d and get
    down in the bed of a ford pickup truck to this song, ( in more than one way
    ) 😉 comment or like and let me know! <3

  7. @28bigjake disgrace? so you’re telling me that Finesse didn’t see the
    talent that Jason Aldean had to remix this song. I love hicks like you that
    think their views are the only ones that matter. Thanks for making my
    night. 🙂

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