LIL’ FLIP & BIG SHASTA “SUNNY DAY” • Kappa Beach Party 2001


more info: http Exclusive video featured on the PITCH CONTROL Bonus Mix section of the DJ Screw & the Screwed Up Click “Soldiers United 4 Cash DVD. © 2000-2008 REL Entertainment, LLCjewzshoez

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25 thoughts on “LIL’ FLIP & BIG SHASTA “SUNNY DAY” • Kappa Beach Party 2001

  1. thas a ‘trap phone’ and ‘throw away’ used that to make money…usually a prepaid…with a false name and false address on the account…if something goes wrong..just throw that shit away

  2. mane!!! i used to have that NPA shirt he got on but in white, i left it at a basketball tourney in tulsa though!! AAU GIMMIE MY SHIT OUT THAT LOST AND FOUND!!!

  3. I’m a fag? Why kuz i’m talking shit about your precious wayne and ti? Oh sweetheart did I hurt your feelings? Fuckin pussy fuck you. You’re a fag you bitch.

  4. mayne i watched this dvd with my homegirl lauren, and damn i loved that dvd! now she moved but i see her now n then. i use to freestyle for her.

  5. Yup – ” LilFatMikeSumtimez1 ” Is Right

    We all know Ti or Wayne won’t i mean can’t either ….

    This is some crazy sick ass shit Flip Goes Hard In a weird way with the lyrics and all but its some dope shit

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