25 thoughts on “Lil’Flip – sunshine

  1. Wtf wierdo…??? And does it matter….is that what you said does it matter?
    Hahaha Idk does it matter cause appearntly if it didnt then you wouldnt have replied to my comment so
    yeahh I think it does matter to you, to me, and to that other guys hahaha wtf does it matter? And I sure as hell know T.I.
    isnt King “Boo” a King doesnt get
    aresseted 30 times huhit doesnt matter if Flip doesnt come out with “Mainstream” shit he still comes out with stuff ever heard of underground??

  2. puhaha..
    lil flip is king?
    what are you?
    a cult leader?

    he hasnt had that many hits..
    and i barely hear anything good from
    he’s no king.
    sorry boo.

    but i do LOVE this song.

  3. Yeah its appearent your madd about the truth so ima just let you deal with it Internet shit talker…say whatchu want but whats dun is dun he got puched and ran
    from him facts is facts Fuckkin Faggot

  4. shut up lil flip a fukkin lame this the onlii gudd song he made no one even likes him ti is the shyt fukk is u really sayin.!

  5. T.I. didnt end anything cause T.I. was the one to get punched in the face By Flip
    then lied about it…Ti didnt end anything Lil Flip isnt a sell out likeTI
    and he’s not the one in jail right now
    and working with federal agents
    Flip is the King

  6. Video Rating: ?????

    Lea’s Hot?: ?????

    Lil’Flip Thug?: ?????

    This song is old, but it’s still get ya dancing at the club I bet, lmfao. X)

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