Mercy – Z-RO (Look What You Did To Me)


track 7 from the old school z-ro album i got the whole album on my page check it out.jewzshoez

25 thoughts on “Mercy – Z-RO (Look What You Did To Me)

  1. this shit got that g energy in it.helps me keep my head up while im
    surrounded with negative shit.who else really goes this hard on his firs
    album so i give props to trae taz dougie d and z ro tthey just killed this

  2. some songs sound like bones east 1999/creepin on a come up, sing-sang,
    tong-flippin and a.s.o., but lyrically bone aint shit compared to this

  3. Not really, 2Pac was a lyrical genius I must admit, but he cannot take
    depth on Z-Ro’s level. Listen closely to Z-Ro’s verses from his songs and
    listen to 2Pac’s, Z-Ro goes more in depth with story telling and his songs
    usually have more meaning than 2Pac’s. 2Pac was known, he was popular, but
    that never means he is better, Z-Ro is VERY underrated. Before you say that
    one is “the realest” listen closely to the lyrics.

  4. Yes he does.You can tell Z-Ro borrowed from Krayzie Bone and 2 Pac.You Z-RO
    fans don’t want to accept the real.I like Z-RO but I keep it trill.

  5. @Dylanshreds1 lol ya, thats Z-ro. he was young so he sounds a lil different
    but im positive its him. cuz there was only 4 members in guerilla maab,
    TAZ, Trae, Dougie D, and Z-ro. and that dont sound like TAZ, Trae or Dougie

  6. @Dylanshreds1 ya i noticed that too, i guess he ade himself sound different
    or sumthin.. we’ll never know

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