(NEW 2010) Z-Ro Heroin: EyeZ On The PriZe


New 2010 Z-Ro Heroin…Enjoy Be sure to go out and buy the album on June 22 Artist: Z-Ro Song: EyeZ On The PriZe Album: Heroin Comment, Rate, & Subscribe.jewzshoez

22 thoughts on “(NEW 2010) Z-Ro Heroin: EyeZ On The PriZe

  1. Young homie keep your eyes on the prize, if you focus on your goals you
    might just reach’em before you die.?

  2. man say I promise I listen to this like everyday since it came out in 2010
    I promise you will understand if you ever been through something :(!?

  3. “lately I been thinkin while im smoking and im drinkin why do I go thru
    everything a person can go thru ” fav line?

  4. Mayne.. Jus close my eyes n jam this shit n reminice on past times n my
    hardships thru this life I lead… Zro got that soul/blues like no other
    too real!

  5. “everyday is a constant grind, A nigga dont ever be gettin no rest, 24/7
    about my fetti, and if its necessary the block gets swept , zro is a neat
    freak, and theres 2 many motherfuckin dirty rats in this game, Im all about
    my fortune I wouldn’t give a fuck about the game, but everybody keep on
    yellin out my name!” ….GOD DAMN that boy ro go hard

  6. Maan!! i Clair Z-RO did his thang on dis fuckin song maan… He’s speakin
    some true shit dawg… I clair im smother by my burdens. “KING OF THE
    GHETTO” I hold you down in Cali maan

  7. z-ro been going hard like dis for a minute yall just now getting it bcuz
    yall aint in texas but dat nigga rother vandross, robama,aka relivs presley

  8. “Laaaately ive been thinkin, while im smokin n im drinkin, y do i go
    through everything a person can go through? n laaaately ive been hurtin cuz
    im smothered by my burdens, n aint nothin i can do except let go n let u do
    wut u do” maaaaynee

  9. real nigga shit.. lol.. niggas practice muggin in a mirror.. z-ro goin trew
    struggle 4realz.. i feel 4 ya my nigga.. huge inspiration on my music

  10. Muahh Niqquh Ro’ Goo HARD Denn Ani MothaaFckahh Alivee (: -Ps. iDnt need
    Your Approvall’ So Dont Bother Comentinq Mah Comment 😉 YeeahhYeahhh

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