Swishahouse Feat. Webbie, Lil’ Keke,Yung Redd-How The Hustlers Do It[16:9](Lyrics)(High Quality)


[Webbie:] Now I been looking around, I see some pretty lil’ thangs out This all making sense, thats’ the reason why I came out Big fine, make you wanna squeeze letting it hang out Addictive and deceivers, one of these I’ma bring out Meet me at the bar, I don’t like the way they treat me at the bar So I snuck a couple gallons, out the car Oh boy this bitch thick, you know we like the times when it’s thick Me and the click get the shine, on all bitches Big fat diamond chain, know I’m blinding …jewzshoez

25 thoughts on “Swishahouse Feat. Webbie, Lil’ Keke,Yung Redd-How The Hustlers Do It[16:9](Lyrics)(High Quality)

  1. man fuck all yall haterz man how tha fuck yall gon take yall sweet time out yallz life and watch this video if u knew it was garbage man gtfo of here forealz tha south runnin shit fuck that shit frum tha north they couldnt make sick beats for shit

  2. so ur sayin ke isnt good? and is it jus me or does yung redd need sum better lyrics idk i think he need to stay with the hooks

  3. money,cars,chains,mackin-on women is all I FUCKIN hear from south artists,a topic Iam sick of hearin and is already played out…FUCK DAT BULLSHIT!!AND THIS SONG YOU LISTEN 2!!!see dose tracks I sent U…REAL RAP,no matter how hard any man in the south somes they CANT step to dose guys on ANY level,theyd get turned into dogshit, wood be destroyed and anhiliated COMPLETELY and unfairly.Anyways make sure U bangem OUT LOUD!! because dats real rap which NO trill shit could ever be compared with.

  4. it isnt about the BEST lyrics, its about the energy that comes from the artist. If lyrics was was important then the North side would we on top of the rap game but…..no

    Prove to me that your not retarded…

  5. it aint me not appreciating good lyrics…
    it’s you not appreciating different kinds of rap…

    i listen to nice lyricists when i feel like it, and when i wanna chill i would bump song like that one, i dont see a problem here, there is enuff space for all kinds of rap, dont hate.

    and how the fuck you figured out im a “lady”

  6. Well hey lady if you like to party thats really great for you, there is nothing wrong if you like a song to get buck-wild drunk and become an overnight slut to, thats find with me.
    But lyrics are everything to me because they represent the artists intellect, thought process and artistic skill(by the way I don’t listen to Common)and the reason you feel that way about lyrics is because,they don’t market those types of artists these days, so you yourself r’nt aware of or appreciate them at all.

  7. who gives a fuck bout lyrics anyway, the beats bangin their flow is tight, this a fuckin party song.

    if you wanna lyrics go listen to common or some other of them trusechool bitches

  8. mayne keke original S.U.C.

    that nigguh wreckd that hoe,

    that nigguh akaalis mad cuzz texas gettin money now,

  9. So I see you support the artist(s) that I just dissed and defamed on the internet hah? must be a big and devoted fan.
    So you think you know what real-rap is?
    Here, hold on and listen ta-dese tracks.
    This is just 1 out of many artists whom I listen that are of such good calibre-quality.
    I don’t care who you listen to because non of them can measure to this guy, AT ALL

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