25 thoughts on “Tow Down f/ H.A.W.K. – Country Rap Tune

  1. who are any of you to talk about the south? Bet you are all little bastards who have never been to any of the southern states don’t ever hate on anything. You ain’t got the balls to say that to a real southerner. Come to me I’ll take care of your mouth real quick try to talk with it all swole up. In the end don’t talk this crap about something you know nothing about.

  2. Ya’ll are all idiots if you think that the Confederate flag stands for slavery. It stands for southern pride. Its about being proud of being a southerner. One of my best friends is black and he has a confederate flag tat on his forearm and a big one posted on his truck. Come down to Texas and tell a TRUE southerner that the confederate flag stands for slavery and you better be prepared to get your ass kicked.

  3. Actually, the only area that is fit for coal mining is the Virginias. Plus, many people here WOULD HAVE A COW if a mining company announced plans to go dig for coal. Yeah, the Greenies would flip two. Dude, there are very few people with hazel eyes down here anyway. It’s recessive dude

  4. I just love how the women of the entire american south mostly have hazel eyes and ugly bucktoothed smiles!

    -Must be all the ground and mountaintop removal coal mining operations going on thruout the south!

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