25 thoughts on “Trae – No Help ft Z-RO OFFICIAL

  1. This song is real. All my haters that thought I wasn’t gon’ make it. Y’all bitches listen to this song.

  2. Damn real talk there was a shootin on friday in southside chi when da news crew was at the barber shop da was bumpin this in the background ON MY MOMMA real talk at the FADE STATION SHOP

  3. texas made ass niggas that’s where i stay ya’ll feel me fuck showing luv i don’t need no help i can do bad on my own

  4. this nigga spits shit all street niggas can relate to. this says how i felt comin out the joint then a nigga bounced back and everyone wanna try run up in ya face

  5. You should let em…I left my z ro in my moms car and she know “Crack” front to back now

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  6. z-ro and trea will always be the best rappers of all time fuck lil wayne souja boy and the rest of those hoes. my fav rappers ever z-ro trea and devin the dude (i like devin because he raps about weed yay weed lol)

  7. Lmao;
    He Contradicts Himself?’
    Its all about the topic of the song dumb ass;
    If hes makin a song bout falling inlove hes gonna be sayin M.O.B?
    Na Niqqqaaaaaaa;
    & He Said FUCK EVERYGIRL;;& He’s Saying FUCK EVERY Bitchh;
    Not Much Differencee.

  8. Wayne a poser and could never fuck with ro plus he be contradictin himself in one song he say he wish he could fuck ever girl in the world then the next song he say man fuck these bitches and on dont trip wit trina he say he dont go below da belt then on another recent song he say he eat a bitch out fuck lil wayne ol fake ass and i dont know bout yall but i dont wan fuck every girl in the world i got cousins a sister and everybody who are females so yea fuck that kiss a man lookn ass fool

  9. lil waynes has nothin to do with this song so why wouldnt he deserve to listen to it? and he is wack his lyrics suck ass

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