25 thoughts on “Trae – Nuthin’ 2 A Boss & Million Bucks **Offical Videos**

  1. ok dood. mayke soor chu kno how 2 spell b4 chu comment me.

    if youre going to be a stupid nigga, be a stupid nigga, but dont tell me to “stfu” if you cant spell.

  2. Maybe so. I thought he said it on Soul Survivor.

    My point is this: Everyone knows BIG’s lines.
    When Jay steals them, you recognize them.
    You should steal lines everyone knows is a steal….or call out the mofo ya jackin.

  3. Does it really matter, no one say shit when Jay-Z steal lines from Big, or when UGK took some hooks from Fat Pat. Jeezy proablly heard it and didn’t care, and Tee Town Sounds Jeezy said it first off of We Gettin Money Ova Here wit Bun B.

  4. A: Trae.

    Damn rappers that steal lines from strait underground shit so no one notices. Then don’t even give props to the original lyricist…………..

  5. Duz it really matter if diz iz a jeezy or wayne sample?? Even if it iz, Trae n Slim used it to prove dat dey can take any artist’s sample, n even make it better!! To show dat tha West can do it better than the East..anyday.

  6. Just a little knowledge,this was out way before Jeezy’s shit,now you know where Jeezy gets that “I rather count a million bucks”Niggas been bititng our shit down in H-Town for a long time.ABN just one example of the trill shit we put out down here.H-Town TEXAS till I hit the dirt!!

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