25 thoughts on “Trae Tha Truth & His Son – Ballin Smashin HD (Official)

  1. yeah man thats a bull shit sterotype cause i got 3 kids of my own and i’m raising my girlfriends 3 kids and i hold down all six errday. i know white boys that act like they aint got kids but gots just as many as me but by us being blk, its always a sterotype

  2. just because its a rap song/ houston style doesnt mean you have to type “mayn” to seem like a thug.

  3. gyea mayn abn till da death, tx representa ta da fullest……sorry u kno dat lil nigga didnt write none of dat flow tho

  4. i like texas rappers cuz they dont have to talk about gangs and killin all the time they just spit realshit

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