Trae Waynes visits Minnesota: 2015 NFL Draft Diary


It’s not a dream anymore. Life changed for Trae Waynes on Thursday night after being drafted 11th overall in the first round by the Minnesota Vikings. On Friday, Waynes flew to his new home…jewzshoez

6 thoughts on “Trae Waynes visits Minnesota: 2015 NFL Draft Diary

  1. their d is underrated and now with trae who i hope lives up to his
    expectations their d may become really good and gain some attention?

  2. I think this is the year that we beat the bears at Solider. Now we have
    more than one shutdown corner so we won’t get beat by either good receiver.?

  3. Vikings surprised me when they passed on Devante Parker who has played with
    Bridgewater before. Good pick either way?

  4. Vikings fan here and call me crazy but I think our defense will lead us to
    the playoffs?

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