25 thoughts on “Z-Ro | Everyday, Samethang [Screwed]

  1. That would make it slowed and chopped. I luv it all. Im a south representa.
    Luv the entire SUC…Soldiers United 4 Cash- Screwed Up Click!..If you
    don’t school em. How will they know? They don’t mean any disrespect. They
    just don’t know any better.


  3. Yess sir I’m from Texas mayne Puro Varrio Kenwood San Antonio, Texas love
    to the world baby Z- Ro brings us together and if ya”ll can’t respect that
    then bounce.

  4. slowed and throwed is how we jam in Texas. R.I.P. Rober Earl Davis A.K.A.
    DJ Screw

  5. actually z-ro dont screw sum songs for money purposes not just cuz the song
    sounds nice real texans listen to everythang screwed country rock new york
    rap west coast rap and yea i know it would take an hour for a verse look up
    that isley brothers screwed up its like and 8 min song! rip dj screwed

  6. we screw our music down south cuzz it sounds right when we sipp our syrup
    and we chop it to emphasize the flow and words used. we don’t screw our
    music for everyone else it just how we bang down here

  7. the south baby, and dont talk about texas like u no us, the south has
    completely diff style than the north,

  8. haha ya’ll dont understand wat chopped n screwed meanz damn now u no u aint
    4rm Texas or anywhere down south

  9. lol acually i do understand what screwed means but listen to Zro .. he
    screws some for a reason and others he dosent because thats how the flow is
    suppose to be .. and most rapper do that “screw” sceme to make it sound a
    bit like robotic or techno…ish? … but anyways this just ruined that
    song .. anyone can take a song and make it slow but rapper keep the same
    beat wit the same flow when they chop and screw, and how is that not slow
    enuff? anymore and it would take an hour for a verse…

  10. I use to jam this hoe with all my niggas when we sippin cuz we all tryin to
    make it but it’s S.S.D.D. but we good til the death of me # BDH LRC FWM

  11. yall niggas is stupid as fuck it aint got nothin to do with sound robotic
    or techno its RAP MUSIC and no artists screw only songs at a time or
    anything like that even for money purposes (i dont see how that would even
    make sense). the point of bein in the rap game is for money purposes. and
    it aint because it makes it sound right when you sip syrup. and robert earl
    davis jr aka dj “screw” originated the style chopped and “screwed”. so if
    he didnt do it then it aint “screwed”.

  12. ill ratha have it kalled Chopped & Screwed juz ta pay Screw respects for
    starting dat type of muzik kuz it should have itz own Genre & Screw waz all
    about love so he needs to be known & live on RIP Screw!!!!! & the rest of
    the fallen Souljaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. If screw didnt do it its not a screw tape you gotta jeff a bob whatever tha
    fuck!-the conversatin in Lengendary album only real screww head

  14. WTF .. why did ya slow it down? .. if yer tryna make a remix you suck super
    bad at it 😉

  15. Manye this the shit I remember bumping this jam wit the bro in the city

  16. its called screwed music thats why its slow at that its not even slow enuff
    TX style you wouldnt understand

  17. @bigjboo1 shiiit im from new jersey grew up in florida…. zro changed my
    life…. he all i listen too……

  18. true i just found this and liked it, its not screwzoo but still tight..i
    have all but 20 of the screwtapes and can def tell when its robert or not.

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