17 thoughts on “Z-ro ft. Mya-So Tired New 2008

  1. king of da Ghetto,datz how we dew,learn from da best hustlerz 2 stay on my
    grind.ALL REAL TALK,im here n farmington N,M SOUTHWEST IS SCREW UP!!!!!!!

  2. i love this song its the shit we love you you zero kfefep putting good rap
    out because it helps me through these hard times i hope to put a record my
    self one day but untl then im gonna keep hustlin im on my grind all the
    time watchin my back yuocant trust nobody signed kronikleaf

  3. It’s time fa every one to be tired. No one deserves to have to struggle,
    but if one person has to do it, we all should.

  4. THIS song right here has got me through the worst dayz, Z-Ro I’m forever
    thankful. I know you been ready to shine even if the world wasn’t prepared
    to return the favor..

  5. Dis made a nigga get up cus i been so tired but ima keep on pushin! Ro cold
    ass nicca maine!

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