25 thoughts on “Z-Ro-Lonely (Crack)

  1. I don’t know bout memphis but I know down here in ‘ARKANSAS’ we got much much much much much love 4 tha South and what it represent. Tha south takn ova. These niggas betta get real and recognize.

  2. oh yeah…i dont care what you say about me because i dont know you from adam…so you can go off on me call me everything under the sun…i could give two fucks…

  3. check me out shawty…i am a female and im not a hater by a longshot…so what i put is what i put…its freedom of speech…i put what i feel and thats that. i think that its real ignorant for you to get on here and call me names like an internet thug. its not appealing nor does it make any sense…so…like ya mama told you…if you dont have anything useful to say…dont say shit…ya dig

  4. this song is like a breath of fresh air…this nigga is speakin real shit…he is one of the realest rappers out here…this album is a real album…one of the realest albums ive heard in awhile…and these niggas i deal with got me still singing i hate you bitch…real talk…lol

  5. even my bby momma trippin bitch go head n file on me and i rlly dont give a fuck juz as long as my child know me. my favorite part :]]

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