Z-Ro – Look What You Did To Me (screwed and chopped)


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22 thoughts on “Z-Ro – Look What You Did To Me (screwed and chopped)

  1. niggas bumbin they gums, tryin to be a badass. there is only one boosie,
    and only one z-ro. Have some respect bitch.

  2. Goddamn this shit goes so hard…Z-ro KOTG aka the motherfuckin Mo city
    don, Screwed up’ cllick for life

  3. alllllll you dumb shit wanna be followin a nigga hoes are retarded fuckin
    aka mo city don KOTG an shit wtf is wrong with you? feel and jamm this shit
    dont recite folow a nigga fuckin stuppid

  4. well i say he real with all these words he be sayin cuhh i belive in
    this!!!!!!! love ZRO <3

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