25 thoughts on “Z-RO “Top Notch” Video (DIRECTORS CUT)

  1. What I dont get about this video is they can say “fuck” but they cant say “hoes” which is actually the name of the song “top notch hoes”….Stupid to me but Z-ro is still amazing no matter what they do to his music to make it more acceptable on public sites

  2. If a mothafucka aint got shit good 2 say about that nigga RO, dont say shit at all cause he got way mo money than yo ass so he can do what tha fuck he wanna howeva he wanna. So u can kick rocks bitch and shut tha fuck up. Quit hatn and motivate a nigga. Damn real ass niggas cant get no recognition 4 what they do.

  3. Z-Ro gettin there..nigga done had “Top Notch”, “You” and “Rollin” on the radio…”Tired” played on MTV a few times..and steady makin hits and albums..nigga in his prime

  4. i remeber going to a throoowed lil z-ro/bun b/trae/lil flip concert on x-mas day in galveston tx.. like ’05..there was like only 150 people there..great xmas present that year

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